1. This Committee shall be known as the Waltham Democratic City Committee.



1. The purpose of this committee shall be to support and promote the ideals of the Democratic Party.

2. A further purpose shall be to promote the election of candidates of the Democratic Party to public office; to endorse enrolled Democratic candidates; the adoption of resolutions and platforms; the raising of funds for political purposes; and the calling of caucuses for the purpose of endorsing candidates, adopting resolutions, or conducting other Party business as provided for in the Call.

3. It shall also be the purpose of this committee to provide voter education and promote voter registration.



1. In addition to the offices set forth in Section 4 of Ch. 52 M.G.L. (Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer) there shall be two Vice-Chairpersons (one a woman and one a man), and an Affirmative Action and Outreach Advisor elected from the membership.

2. Officers shall be elected every two years at the organizational meeting of the committee. The March meeting shall be considered the organizational meeting and shall serve as the meeting at which the election of officers takes place.



1. The Chairperson, in addition to the powers and duties set forth in Chapter 52 of M.G.L. and the Charter of the Democratic Party of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, shall preside at all meetings, appoint committees as he/she shall be called upon to do so by the membership, and be an ex-officio member of said committees.

2. A Vice-Chairperson shall accept the duties of the Chairperson when the Chairperson is unable to do so. There shall be a rotation of such duties between the two Vice-Chairpersons if the Chairperson shall be unable to perform his/her duties for an extended period of time.

3. The Secretary, as provided for in Ch. 52 M.G.L. and the Charter of the Democratic Party of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts shall keep records of all meetings, an accurate and up to date set of by-laws, and shall audit the minutes and report the same to the City Committee, and shall have custody of all correspondence.

4. The Secretary shall from time to time, as called on by the Chairperson, handle all correspondence and report the same to the City Committee. He/she shall file copies of all correspondence with the Chairperson.

5. The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all committee funds and shall set up a voucher system to account for all funds.

The Treasure shall not disburse any funds without the authorization of the Steering Committee, nor shall he/she disburse funds in excess of two hundred dollars ($200.00) without the authorization of the Committee of the Whole.

Further, the Treasurer shall open a checking account in one of the banks in the City and arrange for authorized withdrawals to be signed by the Treasurer and the Chairperson or a Vice-Chairperson.

The Treasurer shall give an accounting of funds at all meetings and shall turn the books over to the Auditing Committee at least once per year or as directed by the Steering Committee.

6. Actions of the Chairperson shall be subject to ratification at the next following meeting of the Steering Committee or the City Committee, whichever occurs first.



1. The Steering Committee shall consist of the elected officers of the City Committee and the Chairpersons of the nine (9) wards.

2. The Steering Committee shall have the duty of conducting the business of the Democratic City Committee, and may authorize expenditures not exceeding two hundred dollars ($200.00).

3. The Steering Committee shall implement policy set by the membership as a whole.

4. No individual on the Steering Committee shall have more than one (1) vote.



1. There shall be at least two (2) standing committees.

2. The Auditing Committee shall consist of three (3) members and shall audit the City Committee’s books as kept by the Treasurer not less than once per year and shall make a report to the Committee of the Whole.

3. The Publication Committee shall consist of three (3) members and shall be responsible to the Steering Committee. It may have printed and distributed a newsletter to all members of the Democratic City Committee and others who may wish to subscribe. The publication shall reflect the policy of the Democratic Party. Publication of the newsletter shall be contingent on the availability of adequate funds in the treasury to pay for the cost of publication and distribution.

4. Committees shall be delegated the full powers and authorities of the City Committee to carry out such functions and duties as are contained in their charge with the following provisios:

a. The members and the chairperson have been approved by the City Committee.

b. All actions are consistent with any guidelines for the committee which have been approved by the City Committee, and with policies established by the City Committee.

c. A full written report of all committee actions is submitted to the City Committee.

d. A quorum is present for any final action.

5. A quorum shall consist of two-thirds (2/3) of the appointed members.

6. All committee actions shall be subject to ratification by the City Committee at its next regular meeting.

7. Each committee chairperson shall be responsible for convening and presiding over such committee meetings as are necessary.



1. The Democratic City Committee as a whole shall meet not less than six (6) times per year during the months of January, March, May, June, September, October and November on the second Thursday of each month.

2. The Steering Committee shall meet not less than once per month.

3. A roll call of officers and Steering Committee members shall be held at all meetings.

4. Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson or by a majority of the Steering Committee. Special meetings may also be called by the Secretary on receipt of a signed petition from no fewer than 20% of the membership of the City Committee.

5. All meetings are open to all members.

6. A quorum shall be 20% of the total membership for general meetings and 50% for Steering Committee meetings. Any final action shall require a quorum.

7. Notice of the time and place of the meetings of the City Committee shall be given in writing to all members by the Chairperson at least seven (7) days in advance. In lieu of mailing printed notices, notices may be sent via e-mail when any member has consented in writing to accept meeting notices in this format.

8. An agenda and supporting materials shall be distributed in advance. Any matters not appearing on the agenda may be considered upon a favorable vote of a majority of the members present to do so.

9. The order of business at regular meeting shall be: I. Opening and approval of minutes. II. Secretary’s Report III. Treasurer’s Report. IV. Chairperson’s Report. V. Committee Reports VI. Old Business VII. New Business VIII. Adjournment

10. Any member may request the Chairperson to place an item on the agenda. If he/she shall decline or neglect to do so, said member may have the item placed on the agenda by submitting it in writing with the supporting signatures of any five members.

11. Any final action shall require the vote of a majority of those present.



1. Membership shall consist of all duly elected members of the Ward Committees as defined in Ch. 52 of the Massachusetts General Laws and the Charter of the Democratic Party of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

2. Associate members for each of the various wards shall be limited to ten.

3. Removal of members of a Ward Committee shall be governed by the Charter of the Democratic Party of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.



1. Officers pledge themselves by accepting office to perform diligently and honorably their duties and to act in the best interest of the Committee or resign. Officers may be removed from their office by procedures guaranteeing adequate notice and due process and by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those present and voting.

A notice of intent to request removal under this section must be submitted in writing by five (5) members and delivered to the Recording Secretary. The notice shall contain the reasons for the removal request.

Upon receipt of a request, the Recording Secretary shall:

1.) Notify the officer in questions of the request;

2.) Deliver said request to the Steering Committee for placement on the agenda of the full committee at its next regularly scheduled meeting..

An officer must be given an opportunity to resign before notice of the hearing on the question of removal is given to the membership of the City Committee.



1. When a question is put, the sense of the body shall be taken by the voices of the members and the Chair shall announce the vote as it appears to him/her. If the Chair is unable to decide or if his/her announcement made thereupon is doubted by a member rising in his/her place, the Chair shall order a division of the number voting in the affirmative and in the negative, without further debate upon the question.

2. The sense of the body shall be taken by a call of the yeas and nays whenever requested by five members.



1. These By-Laws may be amended by:

a. A majority vote of those present and voting upon amendments recommended by the Steering Committee; or

b. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of those present and voting initiated by any member of the City Committee.

2. All proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to all members, by mail or newsletter at least ten (10) days prior to any meeting at which such amendment is to be acted upon.

3. All proposed amendments must be printed in the newsletter.



1. Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern all meetings.